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How to become a Youtube Entrepreneur




Couple blogger vlogger and online influencer

YouTube is a video-sharing website, but in modern day – we might as well consider it a social networking site.

YouTube is more than sharing videos – it’s a community of people to freelance, discuss politics and such, laugh, and do an assembly of things.

The evolution of social networking has gone beyond matching you with people of similar interests, backgrounds, and establishing social relations.

It has launched the best entrepreneurs and businesses out there, and YouTube happens to be right on the list for this kind of success.

So, what’s the product? How does “PewDiePie” (one of YouTube’s top money-making entrepreneurs) get 4 million dollars a year?

It’s simple.

Their product is their personality and their passion, because they’re simply down-to-earth, relatable for most people, and provide a source of entertainment or knowledge for their audience.

Furthermore, many of those making big bucks off of YouTube have established something unique.

How many people are filming cat and dog videos, or now – cute babies?

It’s true that the top subscribed channels on YouTube include a surge of ordinary gamers, yet each of those gamers happens to publicize a unique personality.

PewDiePie, yes – he’s’ a gamer, but he doesn’t just film himself doing video games, of course; the 4 million dollars is a courtesy to his rich personality and hilarious side-comments and videos.

So, what’s your niche? Is it baking? Doing makeup? Doing pranks?

Each of these types of entertainment and sources of knowledge I’ve mentioned has tons of videos on YouTube already.

So, beyond finding out your talent – establish your audience.

Is it the stay at home mom or a teenager?

A combination of things also proves to be helpful – like showing off your baking skills while in the kitchen with your hilarious partner.

People want something they haven’t quite seen before or something that distinguishes from the crowd.

Perhaps this is a bit cliché, but it’s absolutely true. It’s about finding out what makes YOU special or different.

How am I different from all the other people playing video games or giving a tutorial on how to do makeup?

It’s about showing the world the specialty in you as a person.

That being said – anybody can be the next top entrepreneur on YouTube or another million-dollar maker.

Social networking sites, such as YouTube allow you to take advantage of resources and do so.

So, it’s basically your uniqueness, talent, and establishing your audience. Maybe you won’t be the next “PewDiePie” or so, but have fun in the process.

After all, that’s what social media sites like these are about.

They’re about growing, enriching, and encouraging relationships, businesses and people like yourself.

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Digital Marketing

SEO Techniques for Improved Organic Traffic

Francesca Taylor



SEO techniques

Are you ready to get powerful SEO techniques to increase 10x your search traffic even faster?

Nowadays, SEO or search engine optimisation is a major strategy to follow every step you write an article.

Yes, every step. Don’t worry here; I’ll give you the perfect techniques.

Follow the steps below and grow your search traffic quickly.

On-Page SEO Techniques

1. Focus Keyword Optimization

The focus keyword is the search term you want to rank a post or page. When people search for the keyword or phrase, they will get you on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

So, this became so important for any post or page. And before you pick a keyword as a focus keyword, do some research and analyse them.

I would recommend you to use some tools available on the internet.

Some of them are free, and some pro tools are paid.

The tool I personally use to do keyword research is SEMrush. It’s a paid tool, but it gives me great results and accuracy.

You can use Google Keyword Planner as your primary keyword tool.

And this is the all-time best tool that you can use.

But this keyword tool does not give accurate keyword volume. So, you can use Ahrefs or SEMrush as your keyword research tool.

2. Optimise Post Title

Post Title is the identity of an article. And you should make it very catchy and relevant.

Title optimisation is not a big deal; it’s easy.

Just follow a few steps and done,

2.1 Focus Keyword in the title

Target a focus keyword for your article that describes the entire content in a word or a sentence.

To simplify you more, suppose this article is about SEO techniques, and here I am writing a list of techniques to get more search traffic. So, here I will go with “SEO Techniques“.

I simply put the keyword in this article: Powerful SEO Techniques That’ll Improve Organic Search Traffic.

2.2 Use Sub Keyword on Your Post Title:

Side by side, you should find some sub keyword and add them to the title.

The sub keyword helps readers to understand the content precisely.

Here, I used the keyword “improve organic search traffic“.

2.3 Positive Keyword SEO Techniques

Third, add some positive keywords to the title.

A positive keyword means engaging the keyword.

Such as Powerful, Actionable, Effective, Beginner, Advance, Top, Review, etc

That increases the number of clicks, and it’s worked very well.

2.4 Use Number in The Title

Add some numbers to the title.

If you are writing a tutorial type article and there are some very powerful steps, you can use the number of steps and give a suitable title, such as:

  • How to Make a WordPress site in Just 15 Steps,
  • How to make egg roll in 15 minutes
  • Youtube SEO techniques to improve Subscribers in 2021
  • How to Make a Free Website in 2021

3. Optimise Article URL

Day by day, Google or every search engine algorithm is changing.

A short URL is a better option to get a positive ranking result, but is it enough?

No, you should follow some rules, and here I am giving you the one by one tip.

  • The URL should be shorter and relevant. The shorter URL is getting better ranking results than a long URL.
  • When you add some keyword to a URL, it’s called a keyword-rich URL.
  • So add the focus keyword on the URL. As before I discussed, the focus keyword is an excellent option for you to use everywhere.
  • Adding some numbers on the URL is also a better option.
  • If your focus keyword does not make it enough, you can number, such as year, list number, steps number, etc.

4. Article Optimisation

4.1 Use Proper Headings

Google loves the articles to have appropriately structured and also uses the proper headings.

So, to get a better ranking to use the proper heading structures. Not only that, if you use the headings accordingly, it will be more acceptable for readers.

Headings are used to wrap up the headings and differentiate them from the rest article.

Google fetches the headings and understands that what the paragraph about is.

When you add the important headlines, then use the h2; on the third line, headings use the h3 heading as a subheading.

If you care about your content, then use the heading properly and to quickly get a massive positive result.

  • The first paragraph should be shorter and relevant to the article.
  • Use the focus keyword in the first paragraph of the article.
  • Write relevant and descriptive content only; no need to make it longer.
  • Use table of contents.
  • Keep paragraph short and friendly.
  • Use You and I on the article.
  • Ask questions yourself on the article ( Shall I, Do you have any idea, etc.)
  • Use headings and subheadings to make the article structured.
  • Write a conclusion to each of the article.
  • Add Questions top of the post after the first paragraph.
  • Use quality images.
  • Resource page link building (Wiki, related to the industries)
  • Use long-tail keywords on the article (from SERP bottom).
  • Add FAQ to make it more acceptable to the reader (also helps to rank).
  • Use image and infographics.
  • Use the correct alt tag and keyword in your image.
  • Add image resource link to avoid image copyright issues.
  • Add [Related: Link ] where applicable.

5. SEO Audit

5.1 Meta Description SEO Techniques

This will appear as the description when this post shows up in the search results.

And that’s why you should optimise your meta description because before someone clicked on your article they could find some short info about the article.

And not only that, Google fetch the meta description as well. If your meta description is optimised, you have a better chance to get ranked.

So, How can you optimise, and what should you follow?

Here are the basic techniques to follow,

First, write a meta description that describes what the whole article is about.

Second, input the focus keyword on the meta description as well.

Yes, on a survey, we found that the meta description, including the focus keyword, has better ranking results.

Third, add some sub keyword as well.

To make the meta description more effective, add some sub keyword, but a maximum of 3 to 4 keywords.

Fourth but not the least, add an actionable keyword at the end of the meta description.

Such as, follow the steps, read more, etc. Do some research to get more ideas on.

And the last, the meta description should not be e exceeds 150 words.

5. Clean Technical SEO Problems (Site Audit)

  • Optimise images.
  • Use CDN.
  • Optimise font size and weight
  • Avoid using rush plugins.
  • Use a lightweight theme.
  • Remove broken links from your content (expired or 303 redirect link).
  • Delete underperformance pages (low pages good for SEO).
  • Remove contents that slow down your site speed (post or pages).
  • For mobile-friendly use, WPTouch or AMP.

Off-Page Optimisation

  • Make backlink to authority website related to your industries.
  • Check your site on “GTMetrix” and solve the issues.
  • Encourage others trusted site to link to you (Email Outreach).

Bonus Tips

  • Hack Wikipedia for keyword research.
  • Use Ubersuggest for content ideas.
  • Use Amazon, Reddit for keyword research, Quora, wiki,
  • Use Google suggest
  • CTR- improve: Long Post, #Addon little, Addon Niche, term
  • Dwell Time: Pause content to top, add catchy featured images to get interested.
  • Get an idea from YouTube, wiki, Amazon, Bing.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate (Webmaster tool/by improving your content)
  • Use Adword to optimise for CTR.
  • Pay attention to surf features.
  • Use “people ask for” from Google to use question on your blog post.
  • Update your old content
  • Find your competitors SEO keywords.
  • Write unique content consistently to improve your ranking.


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Digital Marketing

Three Landing Page Optimization Hacks for Successful Conversions

Mary Jones



Landing page optimization

Three Landing Page Optimization Hacks for Successful Conversions

Although limited in scope, landing page optimization is still a sure and proven way to increase website sales and overall profits. Most website owners assume that landing page optimization includes loads of split testing on various sales tools like the header, offer, and perhaps the price point. Others might even believe that any type of website optimization is somehow related to SEO or perhaps even the same thing and thus will help boost online sales by generating more traffic to the page. As strange as it may sound, both of these assumptions are right—AND wrong! You see, landing page optimization boils down to generating more online conversions. But to effectively increase website sales, you need to dothe following to see results:

  • Revise Direct Response Copywriting
  • Refine Landing Page Design, Layout, and UI Features
  • Modify Business Model/Pricing Structure
  • Adjust Back End Programming
  • Implement or Refine Social Media Marketing
  • Adjust On-Page SEO
  • Website Split Testing to Verify Results

Depending on the website’s complexity and specific conversion issues, a landing page optimization can get quite involved and may require multiple experts with particular skill sets to complete. This is why EVERY optimization project should first begin with a detailed website evaluation that includes comprehensive web traffic analysis. These “vital stats” are what landing page optimization experts use to isolate conversion rate issues and make the “needle-moving” gains that increase website sales.

However, conventional website traffic analysis has its limits. Here are just a few of the conversion rate problems that even a detailed web evaluation can miss:

Wrong Price Point: Sure, web traffic analysis can reveal that a landing page isn’t converting well, but it can’t determine whether the price point is the issue unless the site is specifically configured for testing pricing.

Too Many or Poorly Placed UI Features: While all website owners want to keep their visitors engaged via compelling user interface features, how can typical website analysis tell you when there are too many UI features, or they are ineffective? Again, unless the landing page was specifically configured for testing UI features, it can’t.

Wrong Business Model: Is it best to sell a product or service directly through the website or use the site instead as a lead generation tool that only sends prospects to a dedicated sales rep? The answer to this question could well determine website optimization’s success or failure. Unfortunately, traditional website traffic analysis alone cannot answer this question for you.

Quite the mess, isn’t it? So if website analysis is critical to successful landing page optimization but fails to help isolate conversion rate problems in some cases, how will you increase website sales if you can’t find all issues suppressing your results? Well, for the price point, UI, and business model issues, here are three of the most closely guarded website optimization secret strategies for resolving these:

1. To Increase Website Sales, Separate Price Point from Other Web Sales Tools

Most typical website landing pages serve two primary purposes:

Generate Interest: Look, you can have the absolute best-priced widget on the planet, but if your website copywriting and site design fail to generate interest or make the widget relevant to the visitor, they won’t care what the price is. Worse, you won’t make the sale or convert them into a qualified lead.

Prompt Purchase at Given Price Point: This challenge is essentially solved (or not) by the “Offer Details,” where the direct response copywriting helps build value and justify the pricing so the prospect will make a purchase or become a qualified lead.

As you can see, these are very different functions, and Internet marketing experts use various tools to overcome these challenges. However, while website analysis can tell you whether a landing page is converting or not, it cannot tell you whether people aren’t buying due to a lack of interest or the price point.

To solve this problem and ultimately increase website sales, you need to create a “Stratified Sales Funnel” and thus separate off the “Offer details” onto a separate page in the funnel. Some people refer to this separate page as a Pre-Order page since it’s not the landing page nor the shopping cart. But regardless of what you call it, this separate page helps you not only isolate pricing from interest, but it can also help you quickly dial in the price point for maximum profit.

The point here is that by separating “interest-generating sales tools” from “offer details,” you can see precisely what effect pricing has on your website conversions. If you leave all of these components on the same page, you’ll never be able to tell if you’re losing conversions due to a lack of interest or pricing. That’s why the stratified sales funnel is vital to successful website optimization. It helps you increase website sales when used correctly.


Please note that you will want to have the “interest-generating sales tools” and “offer details” on the same landing page for maximum conversions in most business models. This is because creating additional steps or hoops in your website sales funnel typically lowers conversions as people bail or leave the funnel with each extra step you ask them to walk through.

However, for dialing in a price point and making sure you are charging the best price for maximum profitability. This stratified sales funnel should be included in any comprehensive landing page optimization and WILL help increase website sales.

What this means is that once the ideal price point has been isolated (and you have verified strong interest by seeing a solid click-through rate from the landing page to the new pre-order page), you will want to move those “offer details” back to the main landing page, so all of the sales tools are on one page again.

Now, this sounds like a lot of work—so is it worth it? Absolutely. This little-known landing page optimization strategy can literally boost online conversions by up to 100% or more. Even more, it can help you avoid hours upon hours of website split-testing trying to figure out whether “visitor interest” or pricing/offer details are the main conversion rate problem. So yes, it’s a bit extra work, but this is one landing page optimization strategy that can make your year when executed properly.

2. Increase Website Sales Using Heat Mapping Analysis

So what is heat mapping analysis, and how can it help you increase website sales? Well, a heat map is a computer-generated map based upon the mouse-scrolling habits of your visitors, so it shows not only where they go on your landing page—but also any links or UI features they engage with.

Please be aware: While heat mapping analysis is by no means a replacement for traditional website traffic analysis. It provides several distinct advantages when performing any landing page or website optimization, including:

  • Indicates What % of Visitors Are Engaging with UI Features
  • Records Visitor Scan Times to Isolate Weak Sections of Content
  • Aggregates Heat Maps to Highlight Broad Trends in Your Market
  • Excellent for Testing Different Traffic Streams

Again, you can gain most of this information using traditional web traffic analysis and a specially-designed landing page. Still, heat mapping analysis can dramatically reduce the necessary time to complete a landing page optimization for faster lead conversion at less expense.

3. Increase Website Sales by Switching to Qualified Lead CTA

In some cases, the most effective and beneficial use of a website isn’t to directly sell a product or service. While this may be a more effortless and less time-consuming use of the website, it can often backfire and alienate visitors who otherwise might have become customers. In some web optimization projects, the fastest way to increase website sales is to use the site as a funnel to send qualified leads to a sales rep who can close the deal in person. This will certainly increase the customer acquisition costs in terms of labor required to complete a sale. However, the added expense of a sales rep might be lower than the customer acquisition costs of attempting to sell directly online in many situations, such as:

  • When Selling High Price Products or Services
  • When Selling Complex Services or Products
  • If Product or Service is Truly Novel or Revolutionary

It’s simple: If you are struggling net consistent and profitable conversions and selling an expensive, complex, or novel product or service, then your best bet to increase website sales would be split-testing against a lead generating version of the landing page. In fact, it’s often best to avoid talking about price points altogether and simply create a compelling CTA providing a valuable lead-generating product or service in return for contact information. So in many cases, your landing page optimization would include creating a simple squeeze page with the new CTA to split-test against the original landing page.

Now clearly, a free lead generating product or service will convert much higher than trying to sell something directly. But the point here is to document how many leads you need to capture to make a sale and then compare that (with sales person time included) to the direct sale page. Then, with facts in hand, determine if switching to a lead-generating CTA is the best landing page optimization strategy to increase website sales ultimately.

Concluding Thoughts

Landing page optimization is one of the surest and fastest ways to boost online conversions. Although a website evaluation with comprehensive traffic analysis is vital to any website optimization project’s success, it can isolate all potential conversion rate problems. The three landing page optimization strategies outlined above will help you overcome any issues with pricing, business model, and UI features to boost online sales and reduce customer acquisition costs for maximum profitability.


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How To Market Your Business Effectively At Trade Shows





Mature Female Manager Giving Presentation

Customers tend to gravitate towards businesses that are readily available, visible, and familiar to them.

This means that if your brand, product, or service is not known to your target audience, you’re likely to lose many prospects to your competitors.

But, there’s good news. You can advertise and promote your brand using traditional marketing methods, digital marketing methods, or a combination of both.

Trade show events remain one of the most widely-used traditional methods for marketing businesses.

Read on to learn the benefits of participating in trade shows, the reasons why nobody is visiting your exhibit booth, and what you can do to market your brand effectively:

8 Benefits Of Trade Shows

Face-To-Face Meeting With Customers

When it comes to business success, nothing beats face-to-face meetings with clients. Participating in trade shows offers you the opportunity to meet and communicate with your customers and other attendees in real-time. You get to shake their hands and look into their eyes as you talk about your products and services. This is an experience that you can never recreate digitally.

Face-to-face meeting when done right can help you to:

– Give your company more personality and make your existing customers more loyal to your brand.

– Build long-lasting relationships with customers and other professionals in your industry.

– Sell directly to customers in a relaxed environment.

– Generate new leads and business opportunities.

Be sure to include employees who are naturally good at selling, customer service, and relationship building in your sales team to increase your chances of success.


Trade shows are attended by businesses of all sizes and individuals from all walks of life.

Therefore, taking part in such an event exposes your brand to a wider audience and allows you to promote your products and services to thousands of interested parties in one place.

This makes trade shows one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for all businesses.

Leads To Year-Round Promotions

When used correctly, trade shows can also help you to create lasting impressions in the minds of prospective customers, which, in turn, can lead to continuous marketing for your business.

So, how can you achieve this?

By having a well-designed booth that attracts the attention of attendees, providing promotional materials and giveaways to increase your brand awareness, verbally explaining what your business is all about and how it can benefit the customers, etc.

Provides An Opportunity To Launch New Products and Services

There’s no better place to introduce your new product or service to the market than in a trade show event filled with numerous attendees.

The face-to-face interactions with your visitors allow you to explain the most important points about your new product or service clearly and answer any questions that they may have.

Allowing your customers to have a first-hand experience of your new products can significantly increase their interest and persuade them to buy whatever you’re offering.

You Get Instant Customer Feedback

This is another benefit of exhibiting your business at trade shows.

As your current customers and prospects interact with your brand, they get to provide their reviews and feedback on your products and services in real-time.

Listening to what your customers have to say about your brand is very important, as this allows you to know what they really want and work towards meeting those needs.

Enables Small Businesses To Reach Thousands Of Prospects At Once

If you have a small business that is still unknown, attending a trade show can greatly help you to reach numerous prospective customers at once and get your brand name out there.

Distinguishes Your Brand From Its Competitors

In every trade show event, every business must have its own exhibition booth or stand.

A stand that is properly designed and well-branded should communicate your brand story to potential clients effectively and distinguish your brand from other exhibitors at the show.

A quick look at your stand should help answer what? how? and why? about your business.

Enables You To Gain Knowledge About Your Industry And Competition

Trade shows also provide the perfect opportunity for you to gather market intelligence about your industry.

Since businesses stand close to one another, you should seize that opportunity to network with other businesses and gain knowledge of the latest trends in your industry.

You should also learn from your competitors to help improve your brand in the subsequent shows.

Some of the things worth observing include your competitors’ engagement tactics, booth design, sales pitches, and product displays.

If you’re already participating in different trade show events, but you’re not getting visitors to your booth, these could be the reasons why:

5 Possible Reasons Why Nobody is Visiting Your Trade Show Booth

Dull and Boring Booth Design

Trade show events are like community festivals where attendees engage in exciting and fun activities.

Because of this, you have a much higher chance of attracting people’s attention with a booth design that provides the same happy feeling than the one that’s too formal, dull, and boring.

So, feel free to use colorful decorations to spice up your booth a little bit.

If music is allowed, be sure to play some fun songs in the background too.

The whole idea is to make your booth stand out and attract your target audience without being too loud or pushy.
You’re Too Serious

Holding a successful trade show requires more than just showing up at the event and waiting for people to come to your booth.

You must be proactive, enthusiastic, energetic, and able to hold meaningful conversations.

Having a smiling and friendly face also goes a long way in making potential customers feel welcome to your booth.

On the other hand, if you or any of your employees look too serious, uninterested, grumpy or bored, nobody will want to come close. They’re much better off in a place where they see a friendly face.

Poor Communication Skills

The surest way to drive people away from your booth is by trying to sell to them directly as soon as they arrive. Potential customers want to feel loved and valued for who they are and not just for the money they bring into your business.

Therefore, having effective communication skills is key in keeping your booth visitors interested in staying around.

Strike up conversations on things that you know will interest them.

Ask general questions about their interests, jobs, families, and hobbies.

It’s only from speaking to every person individually and carefully listening to their needs that you’ll know which of your products or services suits them most.

Nobody Understands Your Message

Attending a trade show provides you with a unique opportunity to showcase your business to many people who will be seeing or hearing it for the first time.

However, if your message isn’t clear to your target audience, they’re more likely to move to the next exhibition booth.

Everything about your booth should convey a clear and effective message about what your business is all about in a visually-appealing and professional manner.

Hiring copywriting and branding experts can help make your message clear to everyone.

Failure To Market Your Booth Properly

Lastly, if you fail to tell others about the upcoming trade show before the D-day, nobody will know about your presence there.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you don’t get any foot traffic to your booth.

How To Attract People’s Attention To Your Trade Show Booth

Here are some tips that will make thousands of potential customers come to your booth:


You need to let people know that you’ll be attending a trade show several weeks in advance.

This can be done through social media platforms, email campaigns, word of mouth, or blog.

Tell your followers, friends, and family members all the important information they need to know about the show, for instance, where the show will be held, the date of attendance, where to find your booth, etc.

Don’t forget to ask them to spread the word to as many people as possible to give it the much-needed publicity.

Host A Virtual Event Prior To The Show

This is another way of boosting your brand visibility and attracting people to your booth before the show takes place.

Hosting live question and answer sessions, webinars and virtual conferences gives you an opportunity to engage your current customers and prospects, and show them how your business can solve their problems.

If you can provide them with valuable information for free, they’ll be encouraged to attend the trade show to meet you in person.

Attract Attention Through Contests

Entering attendees into a contest is also another excellent way to attract them to your booth. People naturally love free things, so you can be sure that this method will work if you do it right. Have every visitor you receive, sign in their details in a guestbook, and then participate in the contest.

Make sure that the prize you offer the winners of the contest relates to your products and services and appeals to all of your customers.

For instance, a tablet, iPad, or a survey software copy would be an ideal prize if you are in the business of selling survey software. It’s a great way to help attendees understand your business better and get their contact information for follow-up at a later date.

Provide Plenty Of Giveaways

Since many people attending trade show events expect to return home with some goodies, you shouldn’t disappoint them.

It pays, therefore, to prepare different promotional materials for your business in advance.

Provide attendees with free business cards, pens, brochures, important literature about your business, and other things that have your business name or logo on them.

Food giveaways are also a big hit with almost everyone, so if you can provide people with free packaged food with your business contact information on them, it will go a long way in boosting your brand visibility and generating leads.

Arrange Your Display Space Properly And Make It Stand Out

A cluttered display space, with items all over the place, will negatively affect your business image. So, it’s very important to arrange your products properly on the display table with the smallest items at the front and the largest ones at the back.

Also, consider having a presentation board (preferably stand-alone) or a slideshow presentation if your display space allows it. Displaying pictures and videos explaining the benefits of your products and services to attendees will surely draw their attention.

As part of your display, you should also consider showing off a portfolio of your best projects to visitors. Arrange them neatly in a binder and place the binder in a place that’s easily accessible.

Don’t Leave Your Booth Unattended

Lastly, make sure that there’s someone in your booth at all times to attend to visitors; someone who has a deep knowledge and understanding of your business. Taking a few assistants with you will make it easier for you to take a break if you’re tired or need to go to the bathroom. However, if you’re on your own and have to take a break, leave a note telling visitors how long you’ll be gone.

Overall, trade shows provide a great way for businesses to engage in face-to-face interactions with their customers. But that’s not all.

You also get to promote your business to thousands of people who are genuinely interested in your products and services and generate valuable sales leads. It’s an investment that’s worth your time and money.

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