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Six Strategies for Growing the Number of Your Instagram Followers



Strategies for Growing the Number of Your Instagram Followers

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Instagram, making it one of the most loved social media platforms online. Growing the number of followers on your Instagram account has the potential to increase your bio views, improve sales, or even strengthen your brand base. The following tips provide some surefire ways of gaining more followers.

1) Creating hashtags and encouraging others to use them

Hashtags provide a fantastic way to acquire new content and grow your account. However, you need to come up with a unique hashtag intended to serve a given purpose. Then, request followers to apply it immediately. You can re-post images from them with credit which makes them feel appreciated.

2) Liking pics in others’ accounts

Going through and liking five to 10 photos on someone’s wall each day helps attract a lot of followers. Follow them too and leave a comment. It helps to get your name known and easily identified by other Instagram users.

3) Socialising with others

Since Instagram is a social platform, make it a habit to respond to the comments from others to your content. Comment on your posts as well.

4) Figuring out what would interest your audience

You’ll have to do some research concerning your photos to determine the ones with the most comments and likes. Always be on the lookout and identify what clicks with the people who follow you. Then, integrate it into your account feeds.

5) Requesting others to follow you

Using other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter can help too. Request that your people on these websites check out and follow your Instagram account as well. Make it easy by linking to Instagram on your other social media site profiles.

6) Creating themes for your photos

Creating a theme for your account makes it significantly more attractive. Examples of topics that you can use include love, nature, inspirational, or artistic. When you settle on your desired topic, describe it with a few words and avoid deviating from it as much as possible.

There you have it! Six tips for using Instagram to increase the number of people who invite you into their social media world. For best results, use all of them continuously. You’ll be glad you did.

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Instagram Marketing Dos and Dont’s



instagram marketing dos and don'ts

Here are more Instagram marketing tips to help you get leads daily from Instagram. I will list some important Instagram marketing dos and don’ts in this blog post. And if you follow them, including the short plan of action I listed below, I know you will get daily leads coming to you from Instagram.

I get leads daily from one of my Instagram accounts, and a lot of it comes passively from my bio section. One of the big do’s is your bio section, which I will describe below. But when I say passively, that doesn’t mean I don’t do anything, and the leads just come in. It means I hardly ever promote my capture page in any pictures, videos, or posts on Instagram.

Once in a while, I might make a quote pic and stamp my website address on the bottom of the quote pic. That’s another strategy that you can do with your websites as well. Use apps to make the quote pic and your website stamp.

Instagram Marketing Do’s and Don’ts


1. Create an excellent Bio section.

This is probably the most crucial part of your marketing using Instagram. Your bio section is where people will go to learn more about you, what you do, how you may be able to help them, and see your website (which is best as a mobile-friendly lead capture page). Your bio section needs to be professional-looking, clean, eye-catching, value-driven, to the point, and it also has to have a great strong call to action to your website, which is right below your bio info.

I firmly believe your bio should be structured in a way that I was taught in an Instagram training that changed the way I market on Instagram. I made another blog post on exactly how to customize your Instagram Bio section to make it stand out, look clean and professional, and have more people clicking on your website to learn more about your business.

2. Post brand-appropriate photos and videos.

Your photos and videos need to be congruent with your personal brand, your business, you! They need to be positive, showing people your lifestyle, the kind of lifestyle they can have as a result of joining your business or buying your products/services.

Some examples of photos and videos are travel and vacations (also when you go to company events), positive quotes, product/service demos, how your product/service can benefit people, everyday life pics of what you are doing, food (people LOVE food pics, but just don’t post too much foodstuff all the time), group pictures (especially with your team or mentors), etc. Post a vast variety of photos and videos. Post interesting ones that people will like and comment on.

3. Like and comment on other people’s content.

Interact with your friends on Instagram. Like and comment on their stuff, search for others in your interest level, and like and comment on their stuff. You want to do this daily, multiple times per day if possible. Search for different hashtags and users as well. For example, if you in a weight loss company, search for hashtags on weight loss, fitness, exercise, and other weight loss related hashtags.

Also, here’s a HUGE TIP – think outside the box when searching for hashtags. It can be very competitive, and the most popular hashtags are looked at by many people. Also, search for lesser searched hashtags, and you may find some low-hanging fruit in there.

4. Be consistent with your Instagram marketing and plan of action.

I will give you my plan of action below. But when you make yours, even if you want to follow mine, be consistent. Do it every day. Post photos and/or videos every day. Like and comment on others people’s stuff every day. Search for new hashtags and users every day to connect with.

 5. Tell people to visit your bio section.

Once in a while, where appropriate, in your comment section with your photos/videos, tell people to visit your bio section and click on your website if they are curious about learning more about you, your business, your products/services.

6. Use mobile apps to make your Instagram marketing and photo/video creating easier.

Here are a few of my favourite apps that I use all the time: 

  • WordSwag (my most used and favourite app to use with Instagram) – I use WordSwag to make quote pics, to put nice wording over my pictures, to make my pictures stand out and get more likes/comments. It works really well!
  •– This is a great free app to share other people’s photos/videos. You want to share other people’s stuff. It makes them happy, and they will return the favour as well. It’s a give and takes thing.
  • Phonto – another great text app that lets you put text on pictures. This is to put that “website stamp” on your pictures.


1. Post spammy, hyped pictures/videos with no value at all.

Don’t overly pitch people with your pictures and/or videos. You can put up a promotion once in a while. But do it professionally. Pictures full of text that look like Spam will not get any results. The result you might get is a Spam complaint, and if you do it too much, it can shut down your Instagram account.

2. Use Auto Bot software/apps.

These are bots that auto-like, auto-comment to other people posts on Instagram. Don’t do it. I wouldn’t recommend it. More people are starting to recognize that you are using those things, and they don’t like it. Use Instagram like it should be used, socially. It’s a social media platform. Engage people, personally like and comment on their stuff, and build relationships.

3. Make your Instagram profile look like a pitchfest.

This kind of goes with the stuff I mentioned above. You can see it on Instagram. You see those profiles where you have no idea who the person is. Their user name is BuildWealthFast or something like that. And all you see on their posts are pitches for their business. I get follows by those people all the time, and guess what? I never follow them back!

4. Take a break from your Instagram marketing plan of action.

Again, be consistent! Don’t go a day without doing something on Instagram – whether it’s liking/commenting on other people’s stuff, posting your pictures. Put a priority on posting at least one photo a day. If you don’t have a picture to take, make one.

So those are a few Instagram marketing do’s and don’ts to get you started.

Now, here’s my daily plan of action on Instagram marketing:

  1. Post one photo in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night. More if I am out travelling, at events, on vacation, eating out, etc. I stay consistent. Instagram is made for sharing your photos/videos multiple times per day. Not as often as Twitter, but more often than Facebook is a good thing to consider. However, I would not recommend posting five pictures in a row. It will clog up people’s Instagram feed, and they might not like that. Scatter your posts. Morning, afternoon and night are what I do most days. Make sure you tag your photos/videos with relevant hashtags so others can search and find your stuff. Your MAX amount of hashtags is 25. Don’t do all 25 at once. Do a few, then go back later and do more.
  2. Look for new Likes/Comments on your stuff. Comment back. Go to their profiles and Like/Comment on their stuff as well. Ask questions. Build relationships.
  3. Search for new hashtags and users multiple times per day. 3-5 times per day, spend about 10-20 minutes searching. When you find people and pictures/videos related to your hashtags/interests, Like/Comment on them. Interact. They will return the favour.
  4. With those people you built rapport with, try to see if they are on Facebook. Try to connect with them more on there. If there are other ways you want to connect further, do it.
  5. At the end of the day, I like to open the My Followers app and see who unfollowed me and who is still not following me back so that I can unfollow them.

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3 Reasons to Harness the Power of Social Media




Friends watching social media in a smart phone.

Social media has a variety of platforms that can be a powerhouse for your company if used effectively.

Use the platforms that are the most popular with your audience.

Your customers expect to find you engaged on these sites.

They will look for you to obtain quick solutions to their questions or problems.

These expectations offer you three opportunities to build a more secure business.

1. Audience Engagement

Your audience needs to know that they can connect with you whenever they have a question or problem.

They will use the easiest and most convenient way possible to get a solution.

That will be their social media account. Make sure your company has an active account that you use regularly.

Whether there is an issue, or they want to share their pleasure, many audience members routinely express their opinions to the world.

Quick acknowledgment of their thoughts provides a sense of support and validation for their commitment to your business.

They are encouraged by your response, increasing the likelihood of future interaction and increasing the possibility of future sales.

2. Cost-effective Advertising

Every company has to set aside money to advertise their business.

Today, social media accounts are primarily responsible for the reputations a service or product enjoys.

The results obtained through these interactions will increase exposure and widens your customer base.

By customizing your social media marketing campaign, you can deliver what your audience wants when they need it for pennies on the dollar.

3. Troubleshooting and Product/Service Development

By routinely engaging your clients, you know their needs and can arrange your future sales accordingly.

Your presence on social media platforms also allows you to head off impending problems that can damage your reputation, especially if it involves a new product release or service requirement.

Your audience will remember the details when looking for something within your niche.

Their experiences give them the confidence needed when they are looking for products and services in your industry.

Whether you are building a new business or expanding, remember to maximize your marketing results to increase your reach.

Social media accounts for most of the “word-of-mouth” advertising.

Businesses still depend on this format to increase brand recognition within a niche.

Make it a part of your marketing strategy to continue to improve recognition and authority in your field.

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3 Social Media Tips for Writers




Double rope rappelling of a climber

The work responsibilities of a freelance writer have certainly changed over the years. It is no longer the case that the job is limited to only the writing process. The best freelancers now need to invest a significant amount of time in social media efforts to promote themselves.

The following article explores this content in more detail by providing some social media tips for freelance writers.

Make use of Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter is a conversational platform and can be a great place for freelancers to be. The opportunities are vast. You can post links to your latest content, advertise that you are available to hire, and connect with other freelancers.

It’s certainly true that having a strong Twitter profile with regular updates will add to your credibility as a freelancer.

Facebook doesn’t tend to be such a good platform for web traffic, but it can still have significant advantages. First of all, you can set-up a Facebook page to market yourself where you can post some of your latest content.

Facebook groups also offer a significant opportunity where you can find out about job opportunities as well as getting exposure for your content if your allowed to post links.

Remember that visuals rule on social media.

It’s fair to say that you won’t get very far merely posting words on social media; it isn’t the sort of content that engages enough these days.

Of course, visual content is critical when promoting on the more image-led sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

At the same time, when you get your visuals right, it can be hugely rewarding for web traffic and exposure. It’s a good idea to use various social media platforms to create your content for each social media site and play around with it to see what works.

If you have the time to invest in it, Pinterest can be hugely rewarding for web traffic, but your visuals have to look great.

Stay active on your core platforms.

It’s important to have a schedule for your social media activity; otherwise, you will not be as active as you should be. Social media platforms are different, and not all of them are right for everyone, it also depends on how much time you want to invest in it. Some sites require a bigger time commitment than others, and you want value for your time.

However, you will quickly understand which platforms are worth your time.

It’s also a good idea to have a clear strategy of what you want to achieve with each platform. You may also want to plan content in advance and schedule your posts.

Staying active though will be the way forward to getting the best results.

Being a freelance writer can be a complicated job as there are many more aspects to it than simply writing content. Social media though needs to be part of your work, especially if you write most of your content online.

Various platforms have much to offer freelance writers if you are willing to invest the time. Remember to make use of Facebook and Twitter, use key visuals and stay active on your core platforms.


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